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Web & Illustration



How do we create a website that inspires  people to discover their unique selves?


In every page, I included a contact form linked to the client's preferred email.

I used Wix to create a beautiful site that easily responds to a mobile screen size.

I gave the client access to a simple dashboard displaying how many clicks and unique visits the website generates.


How do I make it easy for both visitors and the client to book a consultation?

How do I create a simple design that works powerfully in both web and mobile formats?

How can the client easily track utilization and impact moving forward? 

My Role

Simplify complex ideas into a stunning  product for a start-up company who's already impacted over 500,000 people.

  • 6 Web Page Layouts

  • 13 Illustrations/ GIFS

  • 2 Electronic Forms

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